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Thema: Michael Jackson is dead :(

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    Unglücklich Michael Jackson is dead :(

    this post is the most Painful post thet i ever post for me the no 1 staR OF THE 80
    is dead he is only 50 yr old why God why
    watch it news
    YouTube - Michael Jackson dead at 50
    some songs
    YouTube - Michael Jackson
    Rest in peace

    Lo there
    do I see my father.Lo there do I see
    my mother and my sisters
    - ...and my brothers.Lo there do I see
    the line of my people,
    back to the beginning.
    Lo they do call to me.They bid me
    take my place among them.
    In the halls of Valhalla,where the brave...
    may live...forever.

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    Rest in peace, Michael.
    It is bad, that he is dead now...
    But in our hearts he is undyingly.
    Sorry for my grammar, I do not speak english very good.
    MFG Vampira- Königin der Nacht

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    Michael jackson died!... Man i've been living under a rock.

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