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Thema: Apex DC++ speed mod s14

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    Apex DC++ speed mod s14

    Apex DC++ speed mod s14

    Modification of ApexDC++ (client for p2p network). Added new options to "Favorite Users" page: limit upload speed for user, ignore private messages from user, ban user, etc. In future versions: priority for shared files, more info about file in filelis.


    1. Limit upload speed for per-user basis

    2. Ignore private messages for selected users (but if private window
    opened manually, you can read incoming messages)

    3. ban selected users

    4. unlocked settings: any number of slots (even 0), any minislot filesize,
    dropped connection of upload speed limiter with download limiter and
    number of slots

    5. "SuperUsers" mode: global upload limit does not applied for those users
    selected upload bandwidth divided on all connected users, but SuperUsers
    achieves remainings of bandwidth

    6. send same private message to all selected users

    7. resolving ip's into domain names (see option descriptions in version history)

    8. Auto-banning users with small share, with too few slots or with small
    upload limit. goto 'fake detector' settings page to setup possible option:
    - ban if open slots less than (0 - don't use)
    - ban if shared less than (0 - don't use)
    - ban if upl speed limit less, Kb (0 - don't use)
    - Repeat PM Period every NN minutes.
    message will be repeated with this period, if user continues attempts to
    connect. if user changes number of slots or share size, or ban condition
    changes, message will be sent even if this period is not over
    to disable PM spam, set this field to 0
    - Stealth Ban - user gets "No Slots Available" instead of 'disconnected'
    and can't see, that he is banned
    - Force PM. usually, if user uses ApexDC mod 9.5 or another client, with
    "$Supports BanMsg", ban message appears in tranfers list. but for old clients,
    ban message sent into private. with this option, PM will be sent also for
    new clients.
    - Message on ban. allows to send custom message to banned user with
    directions, how to increase share or slots
    Users with extra-slots or auto-slots are never banned

    9. logging all connected users' IPs. to enable, create empty file "userip.log"
    in ApexDC directory

    10. Files, that users waiting in queue appared in user context menu under
    'User Waiting files' submenu. menu also contains info about share and slots

    + improved sources auto-search 
    - removed setting "Filter kick and NMDC debug messages" 
    + new rich features for chat-bots: transfers/slots control, chat in hub 
    + bot exapmle, that gives slot on input phrase 'give me slot' 
    @ wait for more useful bots in next ApexDC-mod versions 
    ! fixed deadlock in sending/receiving PM 
    * changed hub commands handling, should be more stable 
    + auto-message to PM on grant/remove slot event (adjustable) 
    + password-protection for PMs, user receives warning message. some favorite 
    users can be set to bypass password check (anti-ignore) 
    ! case-insensitive search in found, not only for ASCII sub-strings 
    ! fixed hang in selecting fonts for hub chat 
    ! bugfixed download queue: sometimes folders disappeared 
    + copy TTH, magnets, filenames to clipboard for all selected rows, not one 
    in search window, file-list window, download queue 
    + 'search for alternates' from search window for all selected rows
    mod-s13.2                                               31.01.2007
    ! fixed deadlocks
    + options in auto-ban: Don't ban hub operators
    + IP and DNS in \"user summary\"
    + flash icon on private message if program is minimized to tray
    mod-s13.3                                               01.02.2007
    + pluggable bot for answering PMs (ChatBot.dll)
    + two bot exapmles (using delphi for easy coding)
    + extra-slot for arbitrary time (time queried)
    + \"user summary\" in waiting users window
    ! fixed hub/user commands (right-click on user nick in hub chat)
    * build with MSVC 2005 SP1
    mod-s13.1                                               29.01.2007
    ! fixed incorrect op/master status display (since s13)
    ! fixed menu on user's nick in chat, when userlist filter enabled
    + download queue: \"search for alternates\" for all selected files
    + download queue: \"search for alternates\" on double click
    + \"user summary\" can be used from hub's userlist or from nick in chat
    + saving extra-slots when program restart
    + extra-slot timeleft in \"user summary\"
    + double-click to word in private message to copy to input field [Decker]
    * disabling auto-ban for selected hubs (check \"Exclude from fake checking\")
    + able to download file from search window into same folder, where
      it resides on user share (no need to create and select new folder)
    * restored WMP support (disabled because of setup Windows Media SDK)
    mod-s13                                                 19.01.2007
    ! fixed a couple of crashes (was really hard to find)
    + special icons for banned users in fav list and private window [vorm]
    + popups does not close opened context menus in other programs
    ! fixed not saving colums order, visibility and width in some windows
    + when viewing filelist, shown path in own share if file shared [PPA]
    + when viewing filelist, files/dirs in download queue highlighted with
      font color, shown path for download target
    + Expert Option: \"force attempt\" on double-click in transfers list
    + in \"user summary\" added info from favorite list (description, ban, auto-slot, etc...)
    + external file viewer for 'view as text' (enable in 'Advanced' page)
    full changelog available inside distibution files
    mod-s12                                                 10.01.2007
    + any client identification tag
    mod-s12.1                                               12.01.2007
    + advanced 'quick user info' menu
    + multiline input field in chat/private (turn it on in Appearance) [Decker]
    + fixed highlighting when viewing own filelist
    mod-s10                                                 03.01.2007
    * configuring banned users color in DCPlusPlus.xml, node <BanColor>
    ! fixed hang in popup's font selection dialog
    ! fixed popups preview [necros]
    + highlighting files and directories in downloaded file-list, that
      shared on you client [fulDC]
    + using files Settings/CustomLocations.bmp and Settings/CustomLocations.ini
      to display location (city, etc) and icon for users of you private network
    + columns IP, DNS, LOCATION in 'waiting users' list
    + re-worked some interface design, re-painted splash screen,
      added icons for Saratov region cities (thanks to vorm for work)
    mod-s10.1                                               04.01.2007
    * improved users highlighting in waiting users list
    * auto-ban and dupe-files color selection in settings page [necros]
    mod-s10.2                                               05.01.2007
    ! fixed bug when adding limits to user, that left the hub
    ! fixed Apex 0.4 crash in displaying hub' users

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    New Version!!!

    mod-s16.1 - 21.07.2007
    • ! fixed receiving of private messages
    • +++ More changes of all versoin

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