About 0.47b:

Even through you had to be patient a bit longer this time, we are still happy to announce that 0.47b BETA1 is ready for testing and bug bashing. As a little bonus for the long waiting time, additional to eMule there is also a release of a shellextension for windows which allows you to see the content of your unfinished partfiles in the explorer. More about that on the end of this post.
Back to eMule 0.47b. The mainfeatures of this version are

* Protocol Obfuscation support
* Previewing the contents of archives in the file detail dialog
* Some GUI improvements like a on-the-fly search result filter
* And as always fixing several bugs and adding other small changes

For all the details, check out the complete changelog below!

Win9x users only:
The following has to be installed on Win9x/ME only -- it enables the Unicode functionality for eMule on those OSes.
Microsoft Layer for Unicode on Windows 95/98/ME Systems (MSLU) version 1.0

aktuelle change log folgt wenn ich eine gefunden habe ^^