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Thema: Morpheus 5.1.2

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    Morpheus 5.1.2

    {•--»( Morpheus 5.1.2 )«--•}

    {•--»( Changelog / Features: )«--•}

    The new Morpheus 5.1.2 offers exciting new features, including:

    * NEW iTunes** integration – quick and easy audio and video exporting to iPods** through iTunes**.
    * NEW Firewall to firewall transfers – now supports UDP to UDP transfers giving you access to more files.
    * NEW One-click CD burning – burning your Morpheus files has never been easier.
    * New GUI – Sleek and intuitive new user interface and design.
    * Search and Library Browser – makes sifting and locating files quicker and easier by giving users the ability to intuitively search by keyword, file type, format, size, genre, artist, title or other metadata.
    * Narrow Search – get immediate narrowing of search results by keywords.
    * Improved resources – optimizes computer’s performance by lowering CPU usage.
    * Faster Transfers – enhanced and more reliable downloads using UDP probing.
    * Faster Connections - UDP host support improved for Gnutella and Neonet Network.
    * Multi-user support for wXP – recognizes more than one user for personalization of settings
    * Playlist support – create and modify playlists.
    * Search Optimization – one-click functionality.
    * Parental Control – provides three layers of protection for parents to control usage of the application.
    * Multiple Skin support – can switch between skins. Alternative skins and better skin support pending.
    * More file information – Rich HTML Tooltips and extensive file details and availability information.
    * Morpheus™ Forum™ – allows users to share their experiences and gives Morpheus ability to respond directly to software issues.

    In addition, we've improved on some of our current features:

    * BitTorrent** support – let Morpheus be your default program to find and download BitTorrent files.
    * Creative Commons**§ – Morpheus search recognizes files tagged with Creative Commons.
    * Tiger-tree hashing – verifies files by chunks while it downloads, improving file integrity and accuracy.
    * Proxy support - Users can now a use web proxy to route downloads to protect their identity.
    * Bitzi** look-ups – Community digital catalog tool that helps eliminate spoofed file and helps verify metadata for added file accuracy.
    * Search Multiple Files – begin and manage multiple searches.
    * Multiple-Network Compatibility** – Neonet Network, Gnutella, BitTorrent, and G2

    {•--»( Offizielle Homepage )«--•}

    {•--»( Downloadlink zur aktuellen Version)«--•}

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