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Thema: Forum for Software, Hardware, and daily problems

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    Pfeil Forum for Software, Hardware, and daily problems

    The english subforum is lacking the help of those Parts.
    The software forum could have a Forum for Applicationproblems for example but as a whole its almost complete. A hardware forum in which you can post problems or suggestions for future upgrades, but hasnt to be subdivided like the german part. Also Some daily life problems regarding school & job, something that has nothing to do with the often called chitchat

    allthough i am a german user, the international members might like to have it too, and it will be also great to help users froma nother part of the world.



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    For the moment Requests and Polls for Applicationz and Off-Topic & Chit Chat has to be enough. We first have to decide what's going to happen to this subforum becaus of very low engagement.


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