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Thema: Dexter

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    This is a great series I personally enjpyed it a lot :top: and I cant wait for the 3rd season to start what do you think about it

    And if u havent seen it already u should its small only 12 episodes per season u may not like the first 2 eposided in the first season but i gets a lot better after that and the 2nd season i loads better than the first:top:

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    I agree, it really is one of the best shows. I hope they stay on Showtime, I heard CBS wanted to buy it.

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    Beitrag yeah

    I heard that too but i hope not because then it'll be cut and i guess that they would decrease its time too but any way we'll know its scheduled to start airing on the 30th of september it will be some time but i think its worth the wait:top: :biggrin:

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    i have the 2 first season .... i heard only good reviews so i think i will finish both season so fast :biggrin:

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    Great actor...I loved him already in six feet under...

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    indeed. a guiness show which i hope will come back in winter 08

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    I saw only the first season and I like it...


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