Tracker Signup Alarm
Tracker Signup Alarm is a follow up of the previous version of Signup Alarm (Torrentbytes Signup Alarm, etc.). The original program was made for personal use but then I uploaded it to this website so that anyone who wanted could download it and use it freely. We only made a thread in an Argentinian forum to announce my program and, somehow, it was discovered by foreign people who started using it. The first version had some bugs and worked only in one tracker. After receiving some suggestions, petitions for a newer version we decided to make an improved version and then Tracker Signup Alarm was born ^^

Tracker Signup Alarm (TSA) is a program that alerts you when you can register on a tracker. It is useful to know when you can get accounts in popular trackers like Torrentbytes, Filelist, Torrentleech, etc. Select one or more trackers from a list, press the Start button and the program will begin trying to register on the selected trackers. When you can register the program will play a sound, display a messagebox, bring the form to the front and (optionally) automatically fill out almost all the fields of the form (username, password, email) and will check the three checkboxes (age more than 13, FAQ read and rules read). You can add, edit and remove trackers so there's no need to wait for a custom version of the original program (as it happened with the previous Signup Alarms).