DATE ...: 04.06.2006
TYPE ...: util
PROTECTiON .: some
OS .....: win
LANGUAGE ...: english
SiZE ...: 1 CDs

             Designer is Actel's powerful physical        
                 implementation software tool suite. After       
                 completing design entry and functional          
                 verification using your favorite front-end      
                 design tools, simply import the resulting     
                 netlist into Designer to complete the         
                 constraints management, place-and-route,      
                 timing and power analysis, and                
                 Actel's Designer software offers an           
                 easy-to-use and flexible solution for all     
                 Actel FPGA devices. It gives you the          
                 flexibility to plug and play industry-leading  
                 EDA tools from partners such as               
                 Synplicity, Mentor Graphics, Synopsys,        
                 Cadence, Magma Design Automation, and         
                 many other top names in the EDA field.        
                 Designer's advanced place-and-route           
                 algorithms accommodate the needs of           
                 today's increasingly complex design           
                 requirements such as Fusion mixed-signal      
                 and CoreConsole/Libero IDE generated          
                 Actel ARM7-CoreMP7 system-on-chip             
                 designs. The architectural expertise built    
                 into Designer's tools enables you to          
                 create fully optimized designs. Actel's       
                 Designer software interface offers both       
                 graphical and scriptable flows in order to    
                 accommodate your design environment.          
                 Graphical device optimization and             
                 constraints management can be done            
                 through the MultiView Navigator (MVN),        
                 SmartTime, and Timer interfaces. These        
                 interfaces provide you maximum                
                 flexibility to drive the place-and-route      
                 tools and quickly achieve timing closure.     

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